What Religious Leaders and Others Are Saying After Touring the Rome Italy TempleChurch Releases What…


    “Everyone who is a believer in Christ Jesus should come, come and experience what God is doing here through the Latter-day Saints,” Rev. Dr. Chris Zacharias said after touring the Rome Italy Temple.

    Rev. Dr. Zacharias and his wife, Kim Zacharias, visited the temple as part of the VIP tours hosted by the Church from Jan. 15 to 22 before the public open house tours begin Jan. 28. 

    For some, the experience had a lasting impact. 

    “Everything was beautiful and I kind of felt a special spirit and it’s something that touched me,” Olympic gold medalist Paolo Cecchetto said. 

    Watch the video below to see what else is being said about the Rome Italy Temple. 

    [embedded content]

    Lead image screenshot from YouTube

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