Watch: Video Shows Angel Moroni Placed on First Temple in Portugal


    Above the scaffolding surrounding the spire of the Lisbon Portugal Temple, an angel Moroni now sits atop the first temple in the southern European country.

    The video, released on November 19, marks a momentous occasion for the Saints. According to Newsroom, the temple will serve 42,000 members in Portugal and the islands of Azores and Madeira. Currently, the nearest temple for the Saints in Portugal is in Madrid, Spain.

    During the 2015 groundbreaking ceremony, Elder Patrick Kearon, president of the Church’s Europe area, said the temple would be “a bright symbol of our faith, our gratitude to our loving Father in Heaven, and His son Jesus Christ” and “a blessing to the people of Portugal.”

    [embedded content]

    Once completed, the Lisbon Portugal Temple will be the 14th temple to be completed in Europe. Dedication and open house dates are not yet announced. 

    Lead image from Templo de Portugal d’A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias

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