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The Profound Reason Four Women Are Mentioned in the Genealogy of Matthew 1

2019-01-10 11:17:28

As we begin the New Testament study year, most of us will open to the beginning of the New Testament and be confronted with a lengthy genealogical list. I don’t know about you, but for all the people that I know who love doing genealogical work, when I ask them what their favorite things to read are, genealogical lists are not in their top 10. Go figure!

So if God wanted to start off His Gospel record in a gripping way, a grab-you-by-the-collar-I-can’t-put-this-book-down! kind of way, why start with genealogy that most people skip over?

Why Are Four Women Mentioned in the Genealogy of Matthew 1

If you are one of the stalwart and chosen few in this life who has actually read the entire genealogy of Matthew 1, word for word, and you survived working your way through foreign and confusing names, you should win an extra cookie and glass of punch in the next life. By the way, did you notice that four women are named?

If you noticed that these four women are named, did you ever wonder why? And why them?

The answer? Because of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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