Mutual App Releases “The World Report on LDS Dating 2018”


    Mutual, the popular dating app designed specifically for Latter-day Saints, released a fun report this week taking a closer look at the dating trends amongst members.

    “In our research, we compiled data from over 200,00 single members using Mutual,” the site shared in the report. “From the most common topics to the number of matches every second to the locations of single members of the Church to the truly absurd, the World Report on LDS Dating 2018 is our annual report on the trends of dating in the LDS community.”

    Here are a just a few of the insights! You can see the entire report here.

    How often do people match on Mutual?

    There are 38,000 matches on Mutual every day, with an average of 14 million matches per year.

    When is the busiest time for Mutual users?

    Mutual sees the most activity on Sunday nights between 8 pm and 9 pm MDT.

    Who uses Mutual?

    Overall, 52% of Mutual users are women and 48% are men. 50.5% of users are between the ages of 18-24 years old.

    What are the most popular places to swipe?

    Provo, Utah, is the #1 Mutual location, with Salt Lake City, Utah coming in at #2. Rexburg, Idaho, Mesa, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, fill out the top 5 cities.

    What is the #1 profile tag (which allows users to list their personality traits and interests)?


    See the full infographic here. 



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