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Members Respond to General Conference Broadcast

Members Respond to General Conference Broadcast
2018-10-14 19:00:00

During the Broadcast of General Conference at Bura-Bura, Nairobi East Stake Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, families and friends filled the chapel. The broadcast began Sunday morning at 10:00 am, October 14, 2018. Members typically relish Stake gatherings and show it with lots of handshaking and hugging. They have a great camaraderie, and many were purely over-joyed to be where they could hear the words of the prophets. Members respond to the words of the prophets in the following video.


Desire Mpawenayo is a shepherd—bringing his siblings out from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, one of the largest and harshest of places for refuge. Because of painful circumstances, this family had left their home and congregation of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, in Burundi, and for awhile existed in the camp. Desire secured the necessary “movement passes” from the United Nations, and was able to bring his brothers and sister to find the Church in Kayole 1st Ward. Desire was recently called as ward mission leader.

Today they found solice.The four siblings were among the first to arrive for conference, grateful to be among other saints. They listened intently to the broadcast of General Conference—every word of the prophets’ voices. 

Refugee family from Kakuma Refugee Camp
Members from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya:Desire, Leo, Olivier, Mediatrice, originally from Burundi.© 2018 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

These and other member groups in various camps, are known to Mission President, Msane, and he visits them quite frequently, usually sanctioning baptisms and marriages, and always there as their shepherd.The groups continue to grow larger, as there is a returned missionary in one of the refugee camps who continues missionary efforts. Though, it is a bit complicated to organize a church in refugee camps, as all local churches must be registered with the government.

Many of the words shared in the conference broadcast were about the Savior’s love and how we can show our Savior we love him, by ministering as Christ did. He said, “heed my lambs,” and “feed my sheep.” And as we learn to minister we watch over his sheep. Nairobi East Stake President Ndivo appraised the meeting—”The messages were wonderful, nourishing and encouraging to everyone—to those who are in trouble, and those who will take the challenge to become a shepherd and minister to the one.”  

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