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Medical Students take Health Care to a Remote Village in Cambodia

2019-01-10 18:00:00

On December 24-26, local villagers of Phum Kham Dorang were the fortunate recipients of a free all-day health clinic. The clinic was operated by 120 students from the University of Putisastra Medical School and Elder and Sister Armstrong who are serving as medical missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Phum Kham Dorang is a remote village in the Daveng District of Ratanakiri Province which is one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia. It is about a one-hour drive on very rugged roads to the nearest hospital. There is a small health center in the village, run by nurses that see mostly acute conditions, give immunizations and deliver babies.

The UP-health clinic served approximately 100 men, women and children. The medical team checked vital signs, performed other evaluations, and discussed health issues. Additionally, they provided limited treatment, needed medicines, as well as health and safety classes throughout the day.



One of the students commented that this was his second year to participate in this project, which is organized by University of Putisastra every year. “I’m excited that I get to come again this year. It is a good thing we are doing for these people, and it gives us more experience.” The students were organized beforehand into teams for vital signs, evaluation, consultation, and education, and a separate team for the charity activity for the school children.

The volunteers brought Christmas gifts for students at a local school. The gifts consisted of books, notebooks, pens and paper, snacks, soccer balls and uniforms for the older boys, and a few school uniforms for the school to distribute as needed. After distributing the gifts to the school children, the UP students had various games and activities for them. The older boys immediately changed into their new soccer uniforms and entertained us with an impromptu match.

Dr. Armstrong indicated, “The activity was a wonderful event to build relationships and offer help to people with great need in such a remote area of Cambodia.”

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