Latter-day Saint Teen Wins 1st Ever Kids World Championship Spartan Race


    Passing 42 obstacles like walls, mud, and fire in three miles can test anyone’s fortitude. But 13-year-old Latter-day Saint Tyson Brinkerhoff mastered the challenge and became a world champion.

    Tyson Brinkerhoff began participating in Spartan races a few years ago when his family decided to participate them for fun.

    The races have become popular across the world in recent years. Participants run several miles on courses filled with various obstacles. However, Tyson quickly became serious in the sport and became good at them.

    “I really enjoy them,” he said. “I’ve always been a naturally good runner and I’ve always liked just being active. Running has always been more fun thing to me than staying inside. The obstacles are just a bonus and it’s a bonus to something that you like.”

    Now he’s the top young Spartan racer in the world.

    Lead image retrieved via KSL
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