How a Latter-day Saint “Rollerblade King” Uses His Talents to Make Others Happy


    On weekday mornings, Reid Cornish fills his water bottle, grabs his headphones and in-line skates and sets out.

    After a quick walk from his parents’ apartment in downtown Salt Lake City, he reaches his parking lot of choice, turns on The Greatest Showman soundtrack and begins skating.

    “I’m like a figure skater,” Cornish, 34, said. “I picture myself on ice doing dance moves from musicals.”

    His choreography supports that claim. Sometimes he’ll sing out loud with Hugh Jackman. Sometimes he’ll spin or snap, stomp or clap. And then there’s the occasional glide mixed with a touch of acrobatics.

    [embedded content]

    Some days Cornish skates for hours — it just depends on how he’s feeling. Summer heat doesn’t stop him; neither does a cold winter morning.

    Cornish, who has Down syndrome, said rollerblading makes him feel like he’s flying through the air.

    Lead image Steve Griffin, Deseret News

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