General Authority Shares What He Learned Reading Anti-Church Material


    Will you stand forever? Or will you go away?

    These are questions Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge asked BYU students to ponder during his devotional address on Jan. 22.

    As part of an assignment as a General Authority Seventy, Elder Corbridge needed to read through a great deal of material antagonistic to the Church, the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

    “There may not be anything out there (of that nature) I haven’t read,” he said. Reading this material always left him with a sense of gloom, which inspired him to write a response to these antagonistic claims.

    The kingdom of God is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as described in the book of Daniel as standing forever.

    “The question is, will you and I stand?” Elder Corbridge said.

    Story by Valerie Johnson, lead image by Gabriel Mayberry, BYU Photo.
    El anterior artículo es una traducción automática y en tiempo real del original en inglés que puedes consultar en el artículo ““.


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