An Afternoon of Service, Learning and Love



    There was much love shared as women from the Heidelberg Stake (diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered Saturday, 17 November. It was an afternoon of service, learning and love. The afternoon events were under the direction of the Heidelberg Stake Relief Society (women’s organisation) Presidency, Molly Aiolupotea, Gwyneth Potts and Anna Scott. 

    Opportunities for learning were made available to all gathered in a series of educational and hands-on workshops. Cindy Wilson taught first aid to many participants, Esther Tavares taught a group of women in self defence, Mei Huang taught those gathered how to make and cook seafood dumplings, and Yvette Mac supervised a sewing project where bags were made to be used for the service project being done that day.

    After the classes, everyone gathered for the service portion of the afternoon. The service project was to fill the handmade bags (made in the earlier class) with toiletries brought by those women in attendance. These toiletry bags are planned to be distributed to elderly people living in nursing homes around Victoria.

    Of this service, Angela Butler of Eltham said, “It’s very humbling and very gratifying to give service.”

    Anna Scott shared, “Heavenly Father has been so gracious to us. We want to show our gratitude by giving back to those who are lonely and may be forgotten as a way to show our gratitude.”

    After the classes and service, food and music were enjoyed by everyone.

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